About Snack King Comics

Snack King Comics was founded by Dan Perlstein and Lance Orr to produce episodic comic series akin to their favorite cartoons, comics, and manga. They wanted to tell tales and create characters they weren’t seeing in the medium; makes stories that entertained on their own and wouldn’t rely on lengthy, drawn-out arcs to finally “get into what they’re about.” They also wanted to get these made somewhat timely. And so the comic snack was born, along with a catchy name to publish under. Each Snack King Comics issue runs 6-to-12 pages long, is printed in mini-collections or full seasons, and leaves readers satisfied, like that content fullness after eating a nice peach parfait or personal sized bag of dill pickle chips, except for your feelings.

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Man Boy

created by: Dan Perlstein & Lance Orr

Man Boy follows Man Boy, a broke twenty-something big kid, seasoned gamer, and snack foods enthusiast who embarks on adventures and hijinks throughout his neighborhood in Milk City. While Man Boy's endless quest for childhood joys reminds his more "grown up" friends and community how to live life as a kid again, he often finds himself at a crossroads between his fun and being a responsible adult. A Clarence/Simpsons for broke millennials, Man Boy’s a punk comic meets kid’s manga to tell tales through episodic installments.


Wei Station Diner

created by: Dan Perlstein & Matt Lejuene

Restaurant employees onboard a working-class space station do their best to maintain dignity as they struggle to hold onto the jobs they hate. Follow inspiring chef and newest human employee, Ruthie, jaded veteran phozoan line cook, Cuss, and the rest of the Wei Station Diner staff through their daily struggles and triumphs to survive the lunch rush. Work in the service industry is thought to be a stop on the way to better things. For many working in the asteroid, Wei Station, that stop can seem to last forever. A love letter to those in the food industry (front and back of the house), Wei Station Diner is an ongoing story of making it to next week’s paycheck.

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Tech Guardians

created by: Dan Perlstein & Lance Orr

Some teens go through their formative years without guidance or direction, left to discover sex, drugs, and wrecking $#@! as a break from a personal hell. Giving such teens advanced combat suits of alien technology won’t improve matters. The Tech Guardians are a group of teens living in a far-future sprawl who have been given the tech suits by the digital spirit Bordon to fight the evil alien Gooze from conquering the city with its horrific monster creations. Becoming the alphas of their teen world takes precedence, however, as the guardians disregard responsibilities they’ve been bestowed in favor of getting bopped, %#@^&!* on their peers, and taking what they want. They’ll let the adults save the zoo.

Tech Guardians is an attempted 24-hour comic day challenge that resulted in a script written in 22-hours and a looser art style that took a bit longer to draw. This 24-page comic contains EXPLICIT CONTENT and should not be viewed by minors.


Snack King Creators


Dan Perlstein

Writer: Man Boy
Writer: Wei Station Diner
Writer: Tech Guardians

Dan grew up in Milwaukee, WI playing in punk bands and being the funny kid with the hair. He’s spent the past, let’s say 11, years writing and creating web series, short films, short stories, and, you might guess, comics. Outside of writing Dan plays drums and guitar, gardens, travels, hikes, cooks for money, teaches kids for money, and grows many plant and animal friends to feel needed.


Lance Orr

Artist: Man Boy
Artist: Tech Guardians

Lance also grew up in Milwaukee, WI equally getting into mischief and playing video games. He’s always done art and officially started creating comics on his 12th birthday. Ever since he had his comic featured in his middle school yearbook, there have been people praying for his downfall which continues to this day. As a self taught artist, Lance takes visual inspiration by punk underground comix, some old Marvel mags like ROM and manga from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s.

Matt LeJuene_Bio Pic.JPG

Matt LeJeune

Artist: Wei Station Diner
Colorist: Man Boy

Matt Lejeune is an NJ based illustrator and comic book artist and recent graduate of The Kubert school for comic book and graphic arts. Matt is a lifelong fan of all things geek and nerd, from superheroes to sci-fi and fantasy and everything in between. He’s worked on various comic projects including a story from The NY Times praised Sci-Fi anthology ALL WE EVER WANTED (published by A Wave Blue World) and upcoming graphic novel GWAR: The Enormogantic Fail, featuring the metal band by the same name. Now, he works with the rest of the Snack King team to bring more Man Boy and a delicious new series to the Snack King menu!