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What’s good, Snack Kings and Queens?

Welcome to the Snack King Comics blog! Expect to tune in here for major updates, musings, rants, behind-the-scene creator reveals, and juicy personal gushings where we spill our guts out for you all to see and judge. Harshly. To yourselves. Least that’s how I’m thinkin’ this blog will live on as. Let’s see if I can hit all those marks in this virgin post!

So let’s talk about Snack King Comics (SKC) in general right quick.

We’re here to make comic book series. (Ah-duh). We want to tell stories that entertain on their own, ones you’ve never quite heard before. Because of course we’ve all heard every story there is (some writer snobs might revel to nerd at you that there are only two stories). But you haven’t heard them like this.

Format: So our comic snacks are short for a couple reasons. One is out of limitations of production. SKC started off on 8-page zine folds and we needed to keep stories to 6 pages. But even as we evolved into full-size printing, we put a lot into the art of each and every page. The shorter stories let us get full issues done in a “timelier” manner. Another reason is somewhere between honing our skills and making a point. It’s tough telling a well-structured story with such few pages, but we’ve become better writers and sequential artists having done so for a few years now. But can we make comic stories as good as a traditional industry series? Heck yeah. Probably better.

The bar Is low in comics: By saying so I’m setting myself up to be thought of as a sophomoric hotshot and a pretentious snot. But I’m willing to eat that and put my art where my mouth is. I’ll NEVER try to yuck someone’s yum (calling out a specific work or creator), but when we look around our industry we see creators being rewarded for putting out some basic @$$ $#!&. Taking multiple volumes to “introduce the characters,” copycat art styles, full issues with zero plot or character development, masturbatory double page spreads for issue titles… From the prom kings and queens of the indie comic expo to the industry demigods of the major publishers - vague and foggy aesthetic rules everything around us. That’s a big block of ranting right there (see, I’m hittin’ all the marks), but what I’m getting at is that we ain’t putting out books with stories that read like a Wikipedia page or a painter’s BFA senior exhibit with a “story” worked in after the fact. We’re here to find patters in the human experience, a story, and let you disappear into the worlds we create. We’ve been putting time and blood into honing our craft. We’re gonna keep reaching higher with our $#!@ till we’re in the ground. We’re not some fans.

We’re some kindly punks: Yeah, we’re some nerds too. Hip-hop heads at that. But I can’t help but think our ‘tude/life experiences/flavor of people aren’t quite represented in the comic book world. Sure, we’re some cis gender straight dudes (though I’ll rep any day the unique perspective our black/Jew alliance brings to our work), but more than anything, we look outside media for inspiration. Sure, we aspire to make some dope $#!@ like our favorite books/shows and study their techniques, but most of these comics out here are inspired by other comics, not life. We look around the sub-cultures we inhabit, the places we’ve been, the people we know, the neighborhoods we’re from. I’d say our stuff’s rebellious, proletariat, and a little juvenile, but mostly in a wholesome way. Grimy, but polished.

We’re cooking up some special stuff: Man Boy’s our flagship title. It’s a pure, heartfelt comedy. Other than an occasional 2-parter, we don’t plan on any crazy long-form plot arcs or ongoing drama. Stories are inspired by millennials trying to make the best of bad situations and maintain youthful optimism. We hope it lives next to great episodic cartoons like The Simpsons, Clarence, and Regular Show. We’re even negotiating with a musician to compose and original soundtrack to season 1! Coming up with crazy crap for Man Boy to get into has been a great way to get basically whatever’s been on our minds off our chest. It’s our 11-minute kids cartoon for young adults. But we’ve got other series in the works. Lejeune and I are delivering a restaurant workplace dramedy by means of the upcoming series Wei Station Diner (WSD). Then Lance and I have plans for a serialized epic of a teen band growing up in a cyberpunk DIY music scene. We’re creating a source for diverse stories of our own and fully intend to include other voices of well.

SKC is a place for our work, for now: But in time we hope to feature other creators that wish to develop short form series that’s on brand with the Snack King Comics flavor. We foresee SKC as a place where up-and-coming creators can break their teeth at and support each other’s work. A regular compilation release (we’d call the “SKC Sampler Platter” or something) that features episodic issues from all of the various series and creators. Getting Lejeune onboard for coloring Man Boy and drawing WSD feels like the snowball is already rollin’.

Making big moves: Lance and I have always clicked at a comedic and creative level. By starting Snack King we’ve both developed into a driven duo that’s gonna leave behind some dope comics after we’re gone. We’ve worked in factories cutting out ball gags and pouring chemicals, in restaurants (for way too long) flipping eggs and platting stir fries, as futon mascots, as grunt work farmers, as copywriters for commercials, as pyramid scheme knife-salesmen, as camel safari office phone operators; creating stories and making people laugh is what we’re meant for and we see Snack King Comics as our means to ensure that’s what we’ll get to spend our days doing.

So consider this a “long” post. I wanted to lay out what SKC was and kind of give myself a mission statement. I really hope that this site becomes a place any of you reading this will come back to regularly for the newest stuff to read and connect with other like-minded comic readers. If you dig what we’re already putting out with Man Boy, I dub you one of us (a Snack King or Queen) and I’d love to hear your thoughts of what you want to see in our stuff.

I almost feel like appropriating Stan’s “excelsior” right now, but let’s try this tagline instead:

-Keep Snackin’!

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